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Reseller Program

This program is for current and prospective resellers of ETC branded controls and sensors. If you were looking for a list of resellers to contact, click the button below.

ETC Overview

ETC is committed to delivering the most rugged, reliable, and valuable controllers and sensors to oil and gas producers worldwide. Our expertise is in the research, design, development, support, and manufacturing of electronic systems. We rely heavily on partners to work with the end customers to sell, install, and service our products.

Why should you work with us?

We focus on building great products that you and your customers can count on taking away all the headaches so you can focus on what you do best. Its a match made in heaven.

Lowest Liability

Best Hazardous Locations Certification
More Safety Features
Only Velocity Sensor

Increased Production

Less Downtime
Most Reliable Sensor
More Optimization Algorithms

Less Maintenance

Rugged Design
Widest Temperature Range
Lowest Power Consumption

Save Time

Design and Implementation

How to work with us

Want to know how to get your account set up? What our payment terms and lead times are? How to place an order?

Ways we can help

We can provide a lot of value beyond developing products. We want to see the end customer’s problems solved and have you deliver a reliable system that makes you margin. The more successful you are, the more successful we are.

We are all about creating the win-win-win with reliable, inexpensive, and easy to use solutions

Regardless of what your sales process looks like, we are there at every stage to help you win. Click below to see how we can help.

Marketing – Connect with Us!

We are constantly investing in marketing efforts to create awareness of our products, their benefits, and their features. You definitely get the best bang for your buck when you sell ETC branded products as we do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing.

Marketing Website

Make sure that you are familiar with the product value proposition and messaging found on our website. You can also send prospective customers there to learn about the value of our products on their own.

Plunger Lift System

ETC has put together an overview page and product catalog that showcases a lot of the same information that can be found across several web pages. All our products have been put together in one convenient place to help cross sell all the products. Check out the page and download the catalog to share with your customers.


We have been working to build easy to use video resources. Sending video links to your customers is an easy way to convey the right messaging without needing an in person meeting.

Here are some places to find our videos:

You can also find many of these videos embedded in our support site.

Social Networking

Follow us on social media for updates, event announcements, informative articles, product announces and more!

Selling – Bring the Goods

Once you have the customer’s attention, its time to show them why ETC products are the best choice and how you can give them the service they need.

Sell on Value

Regardless of current market conditions, we always recommend selling on value. All of our products share the same high level value proposition in the “Why Should You Work with Us?” section above.

Each product does however have a unique set of specifications, features, and general benefits that set them well above all competitors when looking at long term value. Please review this value proposition on our marketing website and use this information as a tool to win over your customer.

We have included a pre-built sales presentation that you can deliver to your customers. Here are some of the built in features:

  • Competitor issues highlighted
  • Value proposition for each ETC product
  • Tools and support resources
  • Built in links to product and overview videos

Demo’s are Worth a 1000 Words

What really helps to push most customers over the top is the ability to do real time, in person, captivating demonstrations. Here are some easy to run demos in front of your customers:

Harness Your Secret Weapon

When all else fails, its time to bring in reinforcements from ETC. Our sales team members are up to date on all benefits and features of all ETC products. They can even bring in our support people to help answer integration and other technical questions when you have Automation or I&E in the room.

Pilot – Time to Impress

The pilot is the most critical stage when working with new customers. If they have a great experience and gain all of the value our products have to offer, they will scale up and never look back. On the other hand, if they have a false start, several hiccups, or the value seems questionable, the pilot stage is as far as you will get.

SUpport Centre

Customers can overcome a lot of hurdles and still have a positive experience if they felt supported. Make sure that you have the knowledge to support your customer in the field. You can use our support centre and make it available to the customer too. If either of you get stumped, then Submit a Ticket through the support site and we will help you right away.


Providing some operational training on site is always the best experience for the customer. If you can’t do this though, we have created a number of training courses that can be taken wherever, whenever. This will also be essential as we work to scale ETC products across an organization next.

Scale – Rock and Roll Baby

Volume Based PRicing

ETC is committed to working with you to consistently win against our competitors. That means that when there is an opportunity to convince a large oil and gas producer to standardize on our controllers and sensors, we don’t want to miss it. Becoming the standard across a field or an organization will build long term relationships that can last for years, spanning multiple generations of products.

Optimizing Lead Times

When it comes to volume orders, there can be issues with lead times depending on the availability of some parts and the size of larger orders. If we can better understand the needs of the end customer in terms of what they need and when, we can work with you to deliver a given number of units per week or month so that the whole project is not held up.

Become an ETC Expert

Want to turn yourself into a selling machine? We find that the most trusted, educated, and equipped people consistently sell more controllers and sensors than the average person.

Be a trusted product advisor and not just another order taker

Each of the sections below will help you get equipped to become a an ETC Expert.

Fill Your Tool Box

Download Vision

Vision is an essential tool that allows you to upgrade the firmware of ETC products. It also allows you run interactive demos of the products in real time for your customer.

ETC Vision Device Management Software

Install Simulator

The ALiEn2 Simulator is another essential tool. It is compiled from the exact same software that runs in the controller.

ALiEn2 Expert Plunger Lift Controller Simulator

It is great for:

  • Interactive demos
  • Ability for customers to test drive the controllers
  • Experimenting with new features
  • Accessing manuals
  • Troubleshooting issues

BRing Brochures

Make sure you always have at least a digital copy of the brochure with you in case you are disconnected from the internet and want to bring it up.

We also suggest that you keep some physical brochures with you to leave with prospective customers. You never know when they see it sitting on their desk and thumb through it.

Carry Demo Products

The best way to sell ETC products is to do real time interactive, hands on demos.

ALiEn2 Plunger Lift Controller

Bring an ALiEn2 Expert controller with you to show how it is put together, how its installed, and how easy it is to service.

ETC Cyclops Plunger Arrival Sensor

Bring Cyclops to show how you can “See What Cyclops Sees”.

ETC Sasquatch Plunger Velocity Sensor

Bring a Sasquatch to demo the multiple waveforms and how velocity is measured.

Spare Parts and Accessories

You never know when spare parts will come in handy. By adding a few of these items to your truck, you will never be caught off guard.

Link Device Connection connects your PC running Vision to any ETC product. It has a switch on the back to choose the product to connect to and even provides power to the sensors.

Link Device Connection

REplacement ALiEn2 Faceplates

Spare faceplates are always handy for a number of reasons:

  • Demo for new customers
  • Operational training
  • Swap in new firmware without programming in the field
  • Swap out for failures
ALiEn2 Expert Replacement Faceplate

ALIEn2 Batteries

While batteries in ETC products will typically last 6 years, its good to have some extras in case the battery has run down critically low, the fuse has blown, or the battery has been damaged.

8Ah Controller Battery
8 Ah Controller Battery

Controller Battery Charger

This handy, inexpensive device allows you to charge the controller battery with a standard wall plug.

ETC Controller Battery Charger
Battery Charger
Get Educated

Know The Benefits

The key to making a sale is to know all the benefits of a product inside and out. We have put together some short playlists that you can watch or share that highlights the top benefits of our products:

Product Resources

ALiEn2 Plunger Lift Controller
ALiEn2 Expert Plunger Lift Controller

These are some of the top resources that will help you sell and support the ALiEn2 Plunger Lift Controller:

ETC Cyclops Plunger Arrival Sensor
Cyclops Plunger Arrival Sensor

These are some of the top resources that will help you sell and support the Cyclops Plunger Arrival Sensor:

ETC Sasquatch Plunger Velocity Sensor
Sasquatch Plunger Velocity Sensor

These are some of the top resources that will help you sell and support the Sasquatch Plunger Velocity Sensor:

Add Some Flair

Pop and Lock

Want to really impress your customers? Show how easy it is to take the ALiEn2 faceplate out of the enclosure in one quick move. Its not like you really need to service the ALiEn2, but if that need ever arises, its super simple.

Geomagnetic Sensing

ETC has coined the term Geomagnetic Sensing for the technology in the Cyclops and the Sasquatch.

ETC sensors measure the earth’s magnetic field in real time and watches for it to bend as a plunger arrives.

Our sensors feature a microprocessor that constantly take magnetic field readings, apply filtering, keep a baseline or zero, then look for changes that exceed the switch setting.

ETC sensors do not create a magnetic field. Other similar sensors generate a field, causing potential issues with other equipment.

This gives you:

  • Immunity to lightning
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Auto calibration
  • Programmable firmware
  • Ability to interact in real time

Remote Control

All models of the ALiEn2 controller and the Sasquatch are equipped with an RS-485 port that acts as a Modbus slave. Make sure you know how to turn it on and interact with both the controller and simulator using Vision>

Training Courses

ETC is committed to building a library of training courses that help installers, operators, and integrator learn how ETC products work internally and how to interact with them.

Here are some of the top courses:

  • Increasing Plunger Well Profitability Using Geomagnetic Sensing
  • ALiEn2 Optimization Techniques
  • Modbus Communications Basics
  • Understanding Hazardous Locations Basics