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How do I mount the Sasquatch?

The Sasquatch uses Geomagnetic Sensing to capture waveforms as the plunger passes by each of the sensors. The more complete the waveforms are and then less interference there is, the better the velocity reading will be.

Click here for more information on how Sasquatch works.

Mounting Location

The Sasquatch should be mounted as low on the lubricator as possible to:

  • Ensure that the plunger fully passes both magnetic sensors
  • Reduce the effects of the plunger bouncing back off the spring

If the Sasquatch must be mounted across a port on the lubricator, the Sasquatch should be positioned such that the port sits in the center of the enclosure.


The Sasquatch must be mounted so that the longest part of the body aligns with the lubricator as shown in the section above.

The Sasquatch can be flipped 180 degrees as the program will automatically adjust to recognize this orientation.

If mounting the Sasquatch with the port facing up, please ensure you are using an appropriate liquid tight connector and that it has been tightened to prevent water ingress.

Securing the Sasquatch

The Sasquatch must not move when the plunger arrives. Run the provided band clamps through the mounting legs and securely fasten the Sasquatch to the lubricator.

Updated on 21 August 2020

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