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RMA Process

If you are an Authorized Reseller of ETC controls and sensors and wish to return devices that require a repair, you must first obtain a Return to Manufacturer Authorization (RMA) number.

If you are an end user, please contact an Authorized Reseller to handle all service and repairs.


Do not ship any items until you have submitted your RMA AND you have received an approval that contains an RMA Number.

Fill IN RMA Form

Download the RMA form and fill in your contact info as well as the following for each repair:

  • Model Number (See Product Series Info below)
  • Serial Number (See Product Series Info below)
  • Description (i.e. ALiEn2 Expert Faceplate)

Email Form to Support

Attach the filled out form to an email and send it to [email protected].

Wait for a Response

We will go over the requested list of repairs. If we have any issues, we may ask for clarification. Once we accept your RMA request, we will fill in an RMA number and send the form back to you. Our goal is to respond within 2 business days.

Do not send your item until you have received an RMA Number. You will receive a notification email when your RMA Request is approved.

Upon receiving an approval with RMA Number

  • Print a copy of your RMA with the RMA Number and include it.
  • Package up your items in static safe packaging (avoid standard bubble wrap or other plastics)
  • Ship your item(s) to the following address:

Extreme Telematics Corp.
c/o Repair Department
5925 12th Street SE, Bay 14
Calgary, AB
T2H 2M3



The following white labelled variants of the ALiEn2/ALiEn2 Expert have been discontinued:

Weatherford Stealth/Stealth Enhanced
PIT Boss II/PIT Boss II Plus
Superior Pacesetter Basic/Pacesetter/Pacesetter Plus
Definitive/Midfield Commander/Supreme Commander
Priority Hammerhead I/Hammerhead II
PLSI Production Expert/Master
NOV Navigator/ Navigator Pro
Patriot Controller/Controller Plus

Canadian Sub Surface/Pure Energy Interpreter

ALiEn2/ALiEn2 Expert and other equivalent controller replacement parts are compatible with all white labelled variants in this series (ET-1200x).

Obsolete controllers faceplates may still be repairable based on age and condition. The software and keypad are no longer supported. Any faceplates sent in for repair must be switched to a currently active brand/software.

Model Number: ET-1200x
Status: Active
Serial Number Locations: Nameplate on exterior of enclosure. Back of the electronics module. In install>System menu.


Model Number: ET-11000-1019
Status: Active
Serial Number Locations: Exterior of enclosure. Interior label.


Model Number: ET-11000-1020
Status: Active
Serial Number Locations: Exterior of enclosure. Interior label.


Model Number: ET-11000-103x
Status: Active
Serial Number Location: Nameplate on exterior of enclosure. Interior label.


All variants of this controller have been discontinued. All software support and repairs have ceased.

Model Number: ET-10000
Status: Discontinued
Serial Number Locations: Back of the electronics module.