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Where can I get pricing for or buy ETC products?

ETC currently does not sell our controls and sensors directly to production companies. Instead, we have partnered with a number of Authorized Resellers to sell, service, and support end customers.

How do I get a demo on ETC products or information for a large scale project?

Our Authorized Resellers are experts in ETC products and have the tools to demonstrate, install, and service our products.

If you have more specific questions, larger opportunities, or just want to talk to the source, please use our Self Serve Support Portal or Contact Sales.

Where can I get replacement parts and accessories for ETC products?

As most ETC products are certified, repairs must be done by ETC or an authorized, certified manufacturer. Please contact your local Authorized Reseller to return any ETC products for repair.

To see what replacement parts and accessories are available, check out one of the following:

Support Center
Replacement Parts

Product Support Pages

How do I get training or support on ETC products?

Feel free to navigate our Self Serve Support Portal to get information on common features and issues.

Our Training Programs page lists upcoming training sessions and has a library of previously recorded sessions.

If you need additional training or support, please first contact one of our Authorized Resellers.

If all else fails, you can Submit a Ticket.

Where do I get support for custom branded or white labelled products?

Many producers have used our products under other brands such as:

  • Premier Integrated Technologies PIT Boss, PIT Boss II, and PIT Boss II Plus
  • Wellmaster Model 550, Model 600, and Model 650 Plunger Controllers. Hawkeye and Hawkeye V Plunger Arrival Sensors.
  • Definitive/Midfield Commander and Supreme Commander Plunger Controllers
  • Endurance/Superior/IPS Pacesetter and Pacesetter Plus Plunger Controllers
  • Weatherford Stealth and Stealth Enhanced Plunger Controllers
  • Production Lift Production Expert Plunger Controllers
  • Priority Hammerhead and Hammerhead II Plunger Controllers
  • Patriot Artificial Lift Plunger Controllers
  • Pure Energy/Canadian Sub Surface Interpreter

All of these custom branded products are based on ETC’s ultra reliable technology platforms which we of course stand behind. You should always first contact the Authorized Reseller that you purchased the product from.

If they are unable to answer your question, feel free to reference the corresponding ETC brand (ALiEn2/ALiEn2 Expert, Cyclops) on our Self Serve Support Portal or Submit a Support Ticket.

How do I go about getting my ETC controllers and sensors repaired?

As most ETC products are certified, repairs must be done by ETC or an authorized, certified manufacturer. Please contact your local Authorized Reseller to return any ETC products for repair.

If you are experiencing trouble with this process or see a common problem occurring, please Submit a Ticket with all the details.

Authorized resellers may Submit an RMA to repair ETC products.

How do I contact ETC for matters that are not sales or support related?

Please use our General Contact Form to be connected to the appropriate department. You should receive a response within 24 hours.

If you do not receive a timely response, feel free call us at one of our listed numbers on our Contact Page.

Do ETC’s products such as the ALiEn2, Cyclops, and Sasquatch have upgradable firmware?

All of ETC’s controls and sensors are built with firmware updates in mind. Vision Device Management is a PC application that can be download for free from the Vision Product Support Page that allows anyone to erase and upgrade any ETC product.

What are your hours of operation for local visits, support, and sales?

Our offices and staff are generally available from 9 am to 4 pm MT. If you need assistance with one of our products, please reach out to our Authorized Resellers who are available outside standard business hours.

If you want to visit our office, please do Contact Us ahead of time to ensure one of our staff will be available.